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Town Council Educational talks

Written by Nicolás Montalbán on . Posted in APAi

Dear parents,

Enclosed please find in the image a brochure on the talks organized for parents by the Parents´Association, which will be held on 12th. April and 14th. May. To be able to participate you have to enrol in the e-mail address "This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.".



LIV Spanish Mathematics Olympiad

Written by Nicolás Montalbán on . Posted in Uncategorised

Cristian Angosto Ros, 1st. USE student, has achieved the third prize of the Regional phase of the LIV Spanish Mathematics Olympiad. 

The award ceremony took place the past 21st. February at the Faculty of Business Sciences of UPCT.

Cristian accompanied by Clara Martínez Carra and Daniel Gómez Iraizoz, received the diploma from Mr. Juan Monzó Cabrera, Managing Director of Universities and Ms. María Casajús Galvache, General Secretary of the Regional Department for Employment, Universities and Business, who had a charming meeting with her "teacher Clara". 

Angosto Monzo Casajus





An anniversary without Sister María Luisa

Written by Nicolás Montalbán on . Posted in APAi

26th. February!!!

Today is a grand party!

In this way we started classes with Sister María Luisa that day. I have recorded in my memory her face expression! How she enjoyed telling us the beginning of the Congregation!, how her vocation started, how she entered the Novitiate......

For us, her students, it was an excellent excuse to waste some time in class, as she was telling us her stories on the first Sisters who decided to join the St. Joaquima´s marvellous “project”. She also gave us a recipe “farinetas” that sort of flour tart with which Sisters celebrate such an importnt event. She does not know that since then I do not forget that date.... but this year two things have sprung to my mind: the Foundation day, and my beloved Sister Maria Luisa´s teachings. Her teachings will not be lost, this school continues being “My school”....

And, as an obedient "student" I have eaten my chocolate bar again this year and the muffin given by the Parents Association each 26th. February. And this year I have been the person in charge of reading a brief summary written by our Sister Maria Luisa Llopis to be read in this wonderful date.

I am sure this year she will have told to all the Angels from Heaven, with the same excitement she used to. 

Let´s continue praying and asking St. Joaquima for vocations to be able to continue this lovely project. LONG LIVE ST. JOAQUIMA!!!

Pilar Escondrillas Gómez

Member of the Parents Association 4th. CSE


Cambridge ESOL Examinations 2018

Written by Nicolás Montalbán on . Posted in Beda Program

As you know, our school is involved in the BEDA programme, an initiative from Catholic Schools and Cambridge ESOL Examinations, aimed to empowering and improve the teaching of English and a road to bilingualism

We want to become the external evaluation process in a stimuli for students with the aim of achieving that learning English is a motivating activity, that they acquire more and more confidence when facing their studies later and give them an international recognized qualification, not only at the University but also in the labour world. 

Within the BEDA programme our students have the chance of taking Cambridge ESOL Examinations, from 2nd. Primary Education till Upper Secondary Education, with some advantages in the conditions regarding individual enrolment. 

We encourage your sons and daughters to participate in this proposal, so they can take the English tests with maximum international prestige and see their efforts rewarded in such a way that they can get their personal goals in the future. The decision on level adequacy for each student taking examinations will be made by this department. 

Below please find a table with the levels of the European Common Framework of Reference for Languages and BEDA taxes for the school year 2017/2018.




Exam Dates

Enrolment Dates

BEDA Taxes

YLE Starters


2nd. June 2018

From 5th. February

to 16th. March


YLE Movers



YLE Flyers





26th. May 2018








FileDescriptionCreatorFile size
Download this file (Cambridge 2018.pdf)Cambridge 2018.pdf Nicolás Montalbán120 kB

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