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Pastoral Care


Carmelitas´ Confirmations

Written by Nicolás Montalbán on . Posted in Pastoral Care


The School receives a best visit ever. Nothing less than The Holy Spirit is descending on us. Thirty seven 2nd. USE students have been confirmed. We have been preparing for the coming of the Holy Spirit., wishing strongly from the deep of our hearts. The motto chosen by these young people is "Christ is my light”. 
We wish them, as witnesses of Jesus, be the salt and light in the world. 
Congratulations to all!


Saint Joachima´s Letter to our students

Written by Nicolás Montalbán on . Posted in Pastoral Care


Dear students:
Today is 22nd. of May. It is our celebration and I want to address you. After so many years I know that you remember me. Today, the Sisters continue working and giving their life to help people in need so they can have all the necessary things to have a decent life, above all health and education. And together with the Sisters there are teachers, doctors, nurses and many more people interested in your mission. With all these people I would want to hug all peoples´ needs; with them I want to approach love to all sick people; with them I continue worried for your education; with them I suffer with the poorest and people in need pains.I know this is not easy, but when we trust in Jesus everything is fulfilled, the same as when we we feel somobody loves us too much. I also rely on you to have my desire and God´s desire to come true: “A world more and more humane, a world in which all have  a decent room, a world in which all feel as brothers”. I know this is also your desire. Remember tme today with happiness, and work hard, for you and for the rest.   Love, Joaquima.

Radio María

Written by Nicolás Montalbán on . Posted in Pastoral Care


Radio María broadcasts the praying of Rosary on a daily basis at 09:25 hours am . On Thursday 7th. May it will be broadcasted from our School. 

6th. Primary students  will praised to the Virgin, together with thousands of people from all the world, on Thursday 7th. May at 09:25 hours am. Join them at the frequency band  91.0 or 100.8 FM, if you are in Cartagena, or follow from www.radiomaria.es.


Two students´ response to Saint Joaquima´s letter

Written by Nicolás Montalbán on . Posted in Pastoral Care

Dear Joaquima,
I´m very happy because of your letter.
You have to be calm since your work 
continues nowadays.
All teachers speak about you and your life´s work.
And they advise us as you used to do it.
I´m very happy for being in this school
and receive this education in values.
I hope when I´m older
I can remember all they are teaching us
and I am good at last .
Thanks for everything.
Kisses. Gema.
Dear Joaquima,
I really wanted to thank you for being as you are, your example in life,  
to communicate us values on the importance of family 
and the need of love.
To know you has given me a chance to become a better person,  
to desire daily improvement, 
and help people in need, above all children that still have no school.
I hope your message lasts and never forgotten.
We  that are already part of your family will keep it alive.
It will be our key principle to fulfil.
Kisses. Mercedes.

Saint Joachima de Vedruna Day 2014

Written by Nicolás Montalbán on . Posted in Pastoral Care

The past 23rd. May, as every year, we celebrated Saint Joachima de Vedruna celebration having different events, among them the sport event, in which students confronted teachers in very disputed basketball and futsal matches, and the dancing contest, in which the majority of groups from CSE and USE participated .

Baile 1ESOA

Enclosed please find links to photo albums and videos that we have prepared for you.

- Basket match.

- Futsal match.

- Dancing contest.

El Patio Árabe

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