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The Parents´ Association is legally established in the School under the existing legal provisions.

The aims to be fulfilled by this Association are essentially as follows:

      •  For the defence and promotion of rights and respect and fulfillement of  obligations corresponding to parents, in their children educational role, providing their members the knowledge and better fulfillement of this mission.
      • The Parents´ Association will collaborate with the school in its teaching role, so as to contribute to develop and improve the intelectual and moral capacities of students, with suggestions and initiatives that doctrine and techniques consider advisable or convenient for the further development and improvement of the teaching role and its results.
      • The Association will assist parents or tutors in all that pertaining their children, considering the Head Master´s suggestions and statements, of members and students in general concerning functions and educational activities developed in the Centre.
      • It will promote and make easier parents´ or tutors´involvement and the actual exercise of their rights to participate in the control and management of the School through the School Council.
      • Besides it will make easier the representation and participation in the School Councils of State and Funded Centres and other corporate bodies.
      • It will organize  activities and care, social, educational, cultural, recreational, sports and pastoral care services for its members and other members of the Educational Community of the Centre.
      • Promote all type of activities aimed to the comprehensive training of the sudents and develop of democratic uses and habits in their personality.
      • Assist and support the financial support of the Centre.

The members of the current board are:

PRESIDENT Francisco  Nieto Olivares
SECRETARY Carolina Martínez Arredondo (620256406)
TREASURER Mercedes Casajús Galvache (626088189)
BOARD MEMBER Nieves Muñoz Salvador / 2nd. UPS
BOARD MEMBER Susana Alonso Cabezos / 1st. UPS
BOARD MEMBER Lourdes Fernández Miñano / 4th. CSE
BOARD MEMBER Eugenio Góngora Nieto / 3rd. CSE
BOARD MEMBER Jana Fernández / 2nd. CSE
BOARD MEMBER Francisco Sánchez Marco / 1st. CSE
BOARD MEMBER  / 6th. Primary ED
BOARD MEMBER Ana María Fabregat Moreno / 5th. PRIMARY ED
BOARD MEMBER Paloma Escondrilla Gómez / 4th. PRIMARY ED
BOARD MEMBER Pilar Escondrillas Gómez / 3rd. PRIMARY ED
BOARD MEMBER Encarna Boj Hernández / 2nd. PRIMARY ED
BOARD MEMBER Rocío Sánchez Palazón / 1st. PRIMARY ED
BOARD MEMBER M. Jesús Saura Solano / 5 years old
BOARD MEMBER Zoraida Alcaraz Martínez / 4 years old
BOARD MEMBER Carmen Jiménez Vallejo / 3 years old

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