Parents' Association fees. School year 18/19

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Dear parents,

The Parents' Association, before starting the school year and with the intention of offering more information, want to remInd you some important information to achieve a better cooperation and running.

Parents' Association fees are three, each one 40€, for each family. They are collected in July, November and February.

Mentioned fees in July and November are collected through the VEIS Foundation, and families can have a tax relief in the Annual Tax Return. Aforementioned fees are directly managed through the Centre, depending on the needs and priorities fixed for each year.

The summary of mentioned needs and priorities is made public yearly in the PA Meeting, explaining on which concepts have the fees been invested.

The February fee is directly managed by the PA for the school year. The following concepts are granted: 

the Families' Day, Three Wise Men, Day of the School Establishment, St. Joaquima's Celebration, Infant and USE Graduation Ceremonies, Infant photos, class and graduation photos, course trips, extracurricular activities...

In view of that, we kindly remind you on the importance of paying PA fees, to be able to take advantage of above grants and being able to continue with activities to improve school students' achievements.


El Patio Árabe

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