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The school Santa Joaquina de Vedruna (Carmelites), belongs to the Congregation of Carmelite Sisters of Charity. It is part of the Catholic Church and, as such, participates in its evangelizing mission. It promotes their students´ education from a Christian view of man and the world. It is open to all who want the education offered.

It is inserted into the socio-cultural reality, continuing with the historical trajectory of the Vedruna´s family. It is structured as Educational Community with the participation of all members and assume the same educational project in a climate of freedom and love. It promotes growth and maturation of students in all its dimensions.

With this aim:

  • We help them discover and enhance their physical, intellectual and emotional possibilities.
  • We educate and promote their social integration into the world in a critical, responsible and constructive way.
  • We encourage the development of the ethical dimension and individual transcendence.
  • Christian education has the character of a friendly offer with student´s freedom, teachers and families, who must also respect the religious character of the Centre.
  • We explicitly announce the Gospel and promote the formation of conscious and responsible students, through the foundamented presentation of the Catholic religion.


It comes from Joaquina de Vedruna´s pedagogical intuition and it is also in the educational path of the Carmelites of Charity. Its highlights are:

  • Love and freedom are the starting point for comprehensive education and as the only way that makes it possible.
  • Simple and close relationship between all members of the educational community, which is creating a family atmosphere.
  • Start from all that is positive in each one, as a means to overcome the limitations.
  • A personalized education that harmoniously integrates all human dimensions.
  • The joy as an essential factor in education and indispensable means for promoting the student´s development.
  • Perseverance, tenacity, love of work and a job well done, which is a basis for a responsible educational task.

Educational Community

We want our School to be an educational community in which we all, in the proper place, feel part of a family in a fraternal atmosphere. This facilitates effective participation and a coherent educational activity.

  • The Holder Institution is responsible for expressing and provide continuity to those principles and performance criteria to ensure the quality of the Christian education that we want to teach.
  • Students are the main characters of their training, are actively involved in school life according to their age demands and assume responsibilities according to their ability.
  • Teachers have a crucial role in school, since they are directly involved in the preparation, implementation and evaluation of the Educational Project.
  • Parents as first, and only responsible for their children´s education participate in school life and lend their support, especially through the Parents Association.
  • The administration and services staff provides its valuable collaboration performing essential functions for the proper functioning of the Centre.



The School is an organization of the Catholic Church, whose ownership belongs to the Congregation of Carmelite Sisters of Charity. Since 1941 is part of the urban and social landscape of Cartagena. The prestige of its educational system is appealing to the families of Cartagena. It is dedicated to the education of children and youth of both sexes, aged from three to eighteen years; also to relatives and friends who come here for their affinity.

It offers:

  • Help to find transcendent meaning of life, proclaiming the Gospel and proposing Jesus Christ as a model.
  • Educate accompanying people according to their needs and personal maturity.
  • Prepare for life, instruct and educate with a view to preparing students for finishing school with everything they need to develop their intellectual, emotional, ethical and moral capacities in their life.

In accordance with our mission, we want the Centre:

  • To improve coordination between different teacher teams.
  • To provide educational responses which ensure attention to our students´ differences on personal and curricular concerns as well as family cultures, from the whole centre and from the classroom.
  • To enhance the methodological renewal.
  • To generalize the use of computers for the development of the teaching.
  • To strengthen education in the Faith.
  • To consolidate the quality management  system to help us continually improve, to find our students and parent permanent satisfaction.
  • To upgrade and maintain facilities and optimize the resources of the property.
  • To increase the level of involvement and family harmony.
  • To strengthen the links with alumni.
  • To enhance and improve English language learning in all stages.


The core values ​​of our ideology are:

  • Life
  • Love
  • Freedom
  • Responsibility
  • Truth
  • Justice
  • Trascendence

El Patio Árabe

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