Peace Manifest

Written by Nicolás Montalbán on . Posted in Pastoral Care

Today, School Day of Non-Violence and Peace, all the educational community of the school Saint Joaquima de Vedruna leave their daily activities to join their voices and ask for PEACE!

Though we are not adults, we know that there are people who is very sad and overwhelmed since their is violence in their families, and rows at their neighbourhoods, and fights and disputes in their countries. 

Día de la Paz 2014

We, students of this school of CARTAGENA, wonder who have been those inventing wars. And lords inventing or promoting wars, as the war which is being suffered at SIRIA, we want to manifest our rejection and our pain, since wars just give rise to hate, division, tears and death of many people, also boys and girls like us.

Today, we all have a hope, a dream: we want to invent Peace. For that, today from the yard of our school, we want to set up THE RAINBOW OF PEACE. it is going to made up with our hands. Each one has cut a symbol and has painted it to express to we are united, from diversity, to create peace among us and , in this way, transmit it to the whole world


And with our hands joined we shall try to stop wars and any sign of violence that is producing us so much pain and prevent us from being happy.

We shall stop wars when there are neither rows nor insult mates in our class. We will go ahead violence when we respect our teachers. We will build Peace when we ask truly for pardon to those doing us harm. We shall set up THE RAINBOW OF PEACE when are able to smile our mates, when we play all together in the school yard, when we kiss our mother, our father or grandparents, whenever we are kind with our neighbours... when we make an effort to build the true Peace.

So our wishes and efforts come true, we turn to our friend JESÚS. He is always listening to us, and has told us to ask Him what we need. And as He is God and want us to be happy, we ask Him loudly: Touch violent people’s heart, touch our heart and make all of us, boys and girls, young people, man and women, people of Peace.


El Patio Árabe

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