Supportive Bread and Oil

Written by Nicolás Montalbán on . Posted in Pastoral Care

This year, on Friday February 7th., we celebrate again the  “Supportive Bread and Oil”. All students,  from 1st. Primary till 2nd. Upper Secondary Education, had breakfast in a very supportive and healthy way. 

Just for 1 EURO = SANDWICH or 50 CENTS = ½ SANDWICH we will makea very simple gesture that left us a good taste in our mouth”. 


As it it usual, each tutor brings the necessary things: a bottle of oil, salt, suggar, napkings, a table cloth, etc.  Everyone can repeat, there will be enough sandwiches¡¡¡ We will give out more than 1,250 sandwiches!!! 

I wish it could be an example in our lives of what when we can achieve we are together! Together, yes we can… change the world!  And it is only a simple and small gesture! Can you imagine what will happen if we apply ourselves bigger things? 

We shall inform later of the money collected with the Bread and Oil. All collected money is for the PROJECT MANOS UNIDAS  .

Thanks to everybody, because…

“…the less we have, the more we give. That’s the logic of love”

(Teresa de Calcutta)

El Patio Árabe

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