"So many places to go"

Written by Nicolás Montalbán on . Posted in Pastoral Care

From the beginning of her project, in 1826, 188 years before, Joachima de Vedruna was an advance woman for her time. Her opened sight lead her towards the sick. Her attentive ear to the poorest. She lived her mission with urgency and transformed reality with enterprising hands. 

Her ecclesial charism, always innnovative, has been a warmly effective answer in diverse realities of the world.

Today, to celebrate the anniversary of the Congregation we can focus in a very particular aspect of Joachima: to be an advanced woman for her time. Joachima´s daughters, also today, continue being the advanced party in the time they live; analyze reality, reflect and project towards the future.


They have been and continue being innovative and creative at the time of giving answers to challenges and needs that they face. They are part of a New Church, close to the poorest and very involved to evangilization of children, youth and adult people. They are confident and generous when bearing in mind the secular teachers to give an answer in their own educational centres. Thay have always made an effort to transmitt teachers the Vedruna style which continues being an actual answer in the education of our students, an own pedagogy which identifies and comprommise us.

Today they have chosen to bring together schools in foundations, really convinced that this is the best of solutions, but there is no doubt that before difficulties they will continue giving ideas and solutions, giving answers to forthcoming changes. We can feel proud of belonging to this great Vedruna family, in which we have an enormous mission. In a world marked with non-conformism, apathy, lack of values, let´s be promoters of change, let´s be the advance party, let´s be innovators, let´s be enthusiast, let´s be warm answer for our students.

Joaquima´s daughters have bet on the future, to continue their project, relying this time in the secular teachers´ hands. Joachima told their daughters to go to many places and they did it. Now she is asking the secular teachers for the same things and …. we are in progress.

Thanks for your  confidence and generosity ! 

El Patio Árabe

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