Two students´ response to Saint Joaquima´s letter

Written by Nicolás Montalbán on . Posted in Pastoral Care

Dear Joaquima,
I´m very happy because of your letter.
You have to be calm since your work 
continues nowadays.
All teachers speak about you and your life´s work.
And they advise us as you used to do it.
I´m very happy for being in this school
and receive this education in values.
I hope when I´m older
I can remember all they are teaching us
and I am good at last .
Thanks for everything.
Kisses. Gema.
Dear Joaquima,
I really wanted to thank you for being as you are, your example in life,  
to communicate us values on the importance of family 
and the need of love.
To know you has given me a chance to become a better person,  
to desire daily improvement, 
and help people in need, above all children that still have no school.
I hope your message lasts and never forgotten.
We  that are already part of your family will keep it alive.
It will be our key principle to fulfil.
Kisses. Mercedes.

El Patio Árabe

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