Basic Rules

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The centre considers the Dining Room Service an important part within the students´ formative process so we need to establish some basic rules to make easier the proper use of the service and complement their education.

General rules:

>> Punctuality  to enter and exit the Dining Room.

>> Keep order to enter the Dining Room.

>> Handwashing before and after the meal.

>> Brush teeth after having meal.

>> Maintain an acceptable noise level, avoiding yelling, screaming, kicking, etc.

>> Respect for classmates: avoid fights, insults and any aggressive action.

>> Respect for the Dining Room Service staff.

>> Respect for the Centre staff.

In the Dining Room:

>> To care for a complete and balanced diet  try to eat a little of everything.

>> Special diets will only be served with medical report.

>> Dining Room Service staff will call attention to those not respecting the following rules of etiquette:

- Punctuality  to enter.

- Appropriate use of the cutlery.

- Respect for classmates´ cutlery and meal.

- Spread of food on the table or floor.

Failure to meet these standards, people responsible will notify offenders and they can expel them from the Dining Room if they do not change their bahaviour.

Outside the Dining Room:

Once the meal is finished, if a misconduct such as those listed below is observed, in indoor and outdoor games, the HeadMaster will be informed accordingly.

>> Insult, attack or alienate classmates.

>> Organize in groups to act against a classmate.

>> Insult or say disrespectful or bad words to a monitor, staff of the Centre or people entering the School.

>> Access to areas of the Centre that are not used at that time.

>> Steal classmates´ belongings.

>> Break facilities or materials on purpose (from the Centre or from other classmates).

>> Throw objects or leftovers in the Centre.

Any major incident will be recorded in the Dining Room journal and responsable people of the Dining service will judge the seriousness of the proceedings mentioned before, or others that may happen. Some of these procederes will be followed,  after two oral warnings by the responsible:

>> Oral / written communication to families.

>> Loss of use of the Dining Room for a week.

>> Loss of use of the Dining Room for a mounth.

>> Permament loss of use of the Dining Room.

We understand that the fact of registering to use the Dining Room Service implies acceptance of these rules.

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