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Our aims:

  1. To instill our students  rules of social behavior at the table, promoting table appropriate manners and collaboration with Dinner Staff Service, postural, vocal and gestural control, to ensure the educational content of the Service.
  2. To train eating habits with positive attitudes towards a healthy eating.
  3. To make a tasty cuisine, well-presented and varied: including all food groups in the menu, enhancing food with lower acceptance in children, including seasonal food and making different menus in accordance with the season.
  4. To care for students´ good table manners, teaching and demanding performance standards at the table: use of cutlery, food sequencing (eat first the starters and finally, the dessert), finish what they have being served.

Our features are:

  1. The Dining Service intends to be an educational space within the School, offering a complementary service at all levels  of schooling.
  2. The School provides three shifts for the Dining Service: the first devoted to children (Infant Education and 1st. Primary Education), the second for 2nd., 3rd. and 4th. of Primary Education, and last, a third shift for 5th. and 6th. Primary and  Secundary Education.
  3. Food is served by the company Catering Decasa, hired by  the School.
  4. This company is resposnsible for all the process, from the placing of orders to different providers, food preparation, guests service, and control/supervision of right eating habits, hygiene and table manners.

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