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English Summer School 2016

Escrito por MA el . Publicado en Programa Beda

From 6th to 10th of june a group of students of 1st and 2nd CSE of Carmelitas and other three secondary schools went to the summer camp called English Summer School, located in Sagunto (Valencia).

Meeting friends there is quite easy because you are with a lot of boys and girls and you can participate in different activities, such as sports and classes, of course.

Bungalows were formed by up to twelve students the same sex. Each of those had a teacher who was in charge of it. Everyday they inspected the rooms and they gave us points so the tidier the room was, the more points we got.

The place was very original. It looked a small town with a bank,  infirmary,  town hall, shops, travel agency, … and classes were in the open air. The food was good and the bathrooms and toilets were very clean.

English clases were fantastic. When we arrived, we took a brief test in order to be included in groups depending on the language level you had. Each group had a teacher who had a perfect knowledge of English and we practised, we learned vocabulary, games, …

In the afternoons you had the possibility of signing up for different activities like sports, board games so you could compete with other students. More activities were a disco and gymkhana.

In general, we had a great week having fun, meeting new friends and learning English.

Elena Requena Guillén. 1st B CSE

El Patio Árabe

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